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The admission process at Saint Joseph School is about much more than just interviews and forms. It’s about taking the time to really get to know our students and their families. It’s about working carefully to shape a student body that represents a broad range of socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and religious affiliations. It’s about gaining a sense of each potential student’s ability to excel academically in a rigorous environment, and discovering the special spark that will enable him or her to shine here.
The Office of Admission at Saint Joseph School prides itself on giving families the attention, responsiveness, and care they deserve. To that end, we’ve brought together online materials that will help you complete the admission process as efficiently as possible. Most important, we’ve given you the chance to hear our students’ voices; there’s no better introduction to our school.

Application Process:

Thank you for your interest in applying to Saint Joseph School. The School seeks to enroll students who are prepared to be successful academically and contribute positively to The Saint Joseph School community.

Each student who applies to Saint Joseph School receives a thorough evaluation by the Admission Committee. The Admission Office is committed to helping families by providing assistance during each step of the admission process, offering quick responses to your questions and online applications.

Steps to complete the application process


Step 1> Submit a completed admission application with the NIS 100 non-refundable processing fee to the admissions office. Application must be submitted by hand.
Download Application here

Step 2> If application is approved, prospective student will be notified through email for an interview

Step3> Approval and denial of enrollment will be sent to parent electronically

Download here

Grades 1-10

Applicants seeking admission to grades 1-10 must submit a teacher recommendation form and school records from the previous two years. Applicants to grades 1-10 are required to take an entrance test. All tests are administered at Saint Joseph School on specific key dates throughout the year. Please contact the Admission Office to register your child for testing.

Please note there is a NIS 100 test fee.

Step 1>Submit Registration Application for by hand to the admission office along with teacher’s recommendation form and two years school records.
Download Application form here

Step 2> Once the admission process is complete, The Admission Office will communicate to the parents regarding the Admission Committee’s decision. If the grade level the applicant is applying for is full, notification will occur.

Step 2>  Parents who would like to learn more about Saint Joseph School are encouraged to meet with an Admission Associate and tour the campus.

Download here