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The mission of St. Joseph School is rooted in the great history of the nunnery during many centuries all over the world.

Indeed, it is precisely during the nineteenth century that the first modern schools were created and then flourished. The city of Ramallah became renowned center for scholarship for all Palestinians no matter what their religions were and which class they came from.

Sty. Joseph school has been catering their services for the broader population and succeeded to equip and train them with skills. In addition to the government syllabus, it has an extra curriculum on both English and French.

Although some promising steps have been taken, the educational systems to this day remain entrenched in the curricular rigidity and culture isolationism of the past. Therefore, education is a crucial component to start with so as to make a difference in the mentality of the new generations.

We believe that we have the potential to become a regional center for achievement. We are to design innovative educational solutions adapted for today and adaptable for the years to come. Our mission and main goal is to contribute significantly to this academic revolution. We intend to act as catalyst towards being a significant and democratic institution. We can’t deny our job is difficult. Yet, we can say that when there is a will, there is a way.